An award-winning Manx company is celebrating its fourth anniversary.

Gander, which is based in the Freeport in Ballasalla, launched in Northern Ireland in 2019 and has since expanded internationally.

Gander, which and employs 15 people, is working with retailers throughout the UK, recently began collaborating with Spano’s IGA and Country Grocers, in the Queensland and Victoria areas of Australia.

The company's technology lets customers know about offers on food the price of which has been reduced as its sell-by date looms.

It integrates with retailers’ point of sale systems, allowing them to improve sell-through rates, while reducing food waste.

It provides consumers with real time information on reduced food items, allowing them to search for reductions in their local area and view temporary promotions in store.

Gander says it has, to date, saved 27.8 million food items from becoming waste and 29,300 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the environment,