Douglas Borough Council will resume its garden waste collections next Monday, January 30, after launching the service for a short spell last year.

Green bins were provided to residents as part of the council’s move to fortnightly bin collection in September.

The green bins, however, were only collected for the first few weeks of the new operating model as they are only intended to be picked up in the spring, summer and autumn months. In that short spell between August and October, a total of 90 tonnes of green waste, made up of grass and hedge cuttings, leaves, bark and tree prunings, twigs and small branches, bedding from herbivore pets, cut flowers, plants and weeds was collected.

This was then used for composting in the island.

Announcing the recommencing of the service, which will run through to the end November this year, a local authority spokesperson said: ‘Your garden green bin collection is the same day of the week as your black refuse bin, but in most cases it will be the alternate week.

‘For those who are due collection at the start of the service next week, please ensure your bins are set out the night before.’

‘Anyone who has previously ordered a new garden waste bin and still hasn’t received it – or - wishes to take part in the garden waste collection service and requires a green bin, please contact the waste team on 696445 or email: [email protected]