Ballasalla Medical Centre has sent a letter to a number of its patients living outside its catchment area, telling them to find another practice.

The centre blames ‘the current pressures that the NHS is feeling as the total number of patients increase’ for the move. The surgery has also confirmed that the date of the removal of medical records will be in January.

The letter informs the recipients that they are ‘outside the catchment area’ and they will be removed from the patient list.

The letter said: ‘Unfortunately we currently do not have the capacity to keep patients on our list who live outside of our catchment area.

‘We understand you may be upset at having to move surgery especially if you have been with us for some time.

‘However we are finding it increasingly difficult to offer appointments to patients who are in our catchment area due to the current pressures that the NHS is feeling as the total number of patients increase.’

‘The practice boundary is set by the Department of Health and Social Care.’

Some of the patients affected have been with the surgery for decades.

‘We ask that you register with another practice in order for your medical records to transmit electronically to your new practice.

The surgery told the Isle of Man Examiner that the records would not be deleted but they will be taken to Crookall House, where they will be kept by the Primary Care Services until the patients are registered with another practice.

The letter continues: ‘You will be removed from our practice list in the New Year.’

The general practice has not confirmed a date for the cut-off however the surgery did confirm that it will be writing to the affected patients again next month, December, to provide a final date for them to move.