Approximately £43.8 million has been added to Manx Care’s budget for the 2024-25 financial year.

Manx Care’s budget for the 2023-24 financial year was £302,974,648, which has now increased to £346,822,564 following the announcement of the island’s annual Budget in February.

It was confirmed that the higher rate of personal income tax will rise from 20% to 22% in April, with the additional income — forecast to be worth up to £20m — being ‘ring-fenced’ for the island’s healthcare services.

At the end of the last complete financial year (2022-23), Manx Care reported an overspend of £8.8m and identified a £40m funding gap between what it is mandated to do and what cash is available.

Talking about Manx Care’s planned use of the additional budget, Health and Social Care Minister Lawrie Hooper said: ‘Manx Care’s priorities for the year are set out in the 2024-25 mandate, which has been published on the register of business.

‘This mandate includes a continued focus on primary and community care, protection of urgent and crisis services, and supporting the work of wider government and multi-agency strategies such as carers and suicide prevention.

‘It is clear that the aims in this mandate would not be achievable if not for the additional budget.’

Mr Hooper also clarified how care groups across the island will be allocated funds.

He said: ‘Care groups need to present their operational plans to the Manx Care board that will describe the service that can be provided while identifying any areas of savings and potential risks.

‘Overall assessment of these plans, risks and priorities will determine the final allocations to each care group by Manx Care.’

The effectiveness of the additional budget in terms of service improvement is set to be measured, according to Treasury Minister Dr Alex Allinson.

He said: ‘The majority of the budget allocation for the Department of Health and Social Care is for the 2024-25 Manx Care mandate, with the performance of this mandate being overseen in government through the department.

‘Work is currently being undertaken by Treasury to improve the reporting arrangements. This includes establishing the appropriate productivity and performance metrics, which will be monitored and reviewed going forward.’

‘I completely agree that given the significant investment, it’s absolutely imperative that Manx Care delivers on that investment in an efficient and effective way,’ the Health and Social Care Minister added.