Noble’s Hospital is still operating without enough anaesthetists.

There should be 17 in the island, but there are currently only 11 in post.

Only three have been hired since last October, when the shortage of professionals was first acknowledged.

In response to the shortage, Manx Care chief executive, Teresa Cope, has said: ‘We are established for 17 anaesthetists and I think we have 11 in post.

‘As I say, we have been able to recruit and we are able to retain and we have all our anaesthetists at work at the moment.’

When asked by Manx Radio if the recent legal case against several anaesthetists has affected the public’s confidence, Ms Cope said: ‘I think it inevitably will have an impact on confidence.

‘It’s difficult to give any more detail on that, but clearly we welcome the outcome of the dismissal, we have always fully supported our colleagues, and will continue to do so.

‘Yes, it’s been a very concerning time for not just those colleagues but the wider department and indeed all of Manx Care.’