This week saw an increase in Covid-19 case numbers across almost all age groups.

That’s according to the government’s weekly surveillance report.

The effective reproduction number (Rt ) was 4.67 this week, an increase from last week’s value of 1.00.

And the seven day average daily reporting has increased from 21 to 81.

There has also been another covid related death confirmed, meaning the total number since the beginning of the pandemic now sits at 108.

The increase in case numbers this week will not come as a surprise to many, and was largely expected.

Over the TT period the island saw a large influx of people, as well as a number of Bank Holidays and events that were likely to affect patterns of spread.

The report states that ‘we are likely already seeing the early effects of this but will become clearer in reports over the next couple of weeks’.

We will have our full coronavirus report as usual in tomorrow’s Courier.