In this week’s Isle of Man Examiner, we have more than two pages of coverage of the eastern area plan.

The inquiry chairman’s recommendations have now been published and have implications for development in the most populous part of the island.

He says that some land shouldn’t be built on until the population hits 89,000.

There’s also good news for campaigners against development in Camlork near Union Mills, and near Birch Hill Park, Onchan.

The lead story is about an employment tribunal, which has heard worrying allegations about the laddish culture in the fire service.

Also this week:

Reporter Julie Blackburn speaks to some of the people badly hit by the floods in Laxey at the beginning of October. She’s found out how they are getting on.

A conman who swindled £700,000 out of clients has been jailed.

Viking silver discovered by a metal detectorist has been declared treasure.

The ice sculpture created in Douglas at the weekend.

Peel lifeboat has been rocked by the resignation of three volunteers and crew shortages.

Thomas James McBurnie, who admitted stabbing his brother with a knife, has been jailed.

Isle of Man Cricket Association is reassuring parents and players that measures are in place to ensure the safety of children in its clubs after a paedophile was jailed.

Having conquered Broadway, Lonan’s leading lady Samantha Barks is heading to the West End to take on the lead role of Elsa in the stage production of Disney’s Frozen.

MHKs have voted to give anonymity to people accused of rape and sex offences - up until the point of conviction.

Teenager Mellisa Brew, of Cronk Elfin, Ramsey, who committed nine offences in six days, has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

As school canteen meals come the microscope again after it was said children were going home hungry, we ask people for their views on the matter.

Chartered accountant Phillip McCarthy, of Main Road, Colby, who was jailed for stealing more than £500,000 from his employer has been disqualified from acting as a company officer.

The funding allocation for a new secondary school in Castletown is not expected to be confirmed before next year’s Budget.

The Home of Rest for Old Horses is once again open its doors to provide a range of family-friendly Christmas entertainment.

A young family has taken on Ye Olde Bakery in Ballasalla.

Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan has confirmed that plans to abolish one of the categories of National Insurance payments will not take place until the UK does the same first.

Douglas Council is to give away 2,000 young mountain ash trees.

Pensioner Peter Langley Gunning, of Kings Court, Ramsey, who drove dangerously on the Mountain Road, overtaking several cars and even forcing one car off the road, has been punished in court.

Two local women visited Lancashire at the weekend to distribute to the homeless essential items from underwear to sleeping bags.

The barn at Knockaloe Beg is awash with angels, small shepherds and children dressed in furry animal suits. We went along and took lots of photos.

Law firm boss James Quinn tells our business news section why he made four members of his leadership team redundant.

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