Isle of Man Energy will start its disconnection programme again next week.

In November, the company disconnected the gas supply of 30 customers, and was set to disconnect a further 90 customers, who had fallen into arrears.

But following conversations with the Office for Fair Trading, the company agreed to a short pause in the disconnection programme, as it reviewed each case individually.

Whilst the company has paused the disconnection programme over Christmas, it will now restart its disconnection policy.

Customers will have been contacted about money owed, the processes are outlined on Isle of Man Energy’s website which has recently published its disconnection policy.

Those who are about to be disconnected will receive a seven day notice sent to their property, in which households have seven days to engage with the company to prevent disconnection.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK, Jason Moorhouse, said that before Christmas he was in contact with the company in mid December.

‘During those discussions the chief executive officer, Jo Cox, raised concerns about the number of people who had made no payments, cancelled direct debits and showing no willingness to engage with the company with regard to outstanding bills’, he said.

Mr Moorhouse said that customers who have been disconnected, will face an additional £60 re-connection charge, which can take up to five days to arrange.

He added: ‘There is currently very limited protection and this is only for a very small number of people.

Urgent legislation has been passed through both branches of Tynwald, and is now awaiting Royal Assent.

The Gas Amendment Bill aims to provide powers that can protect vulnerable customers.

In correspondence this week, Mr Moorhouse said he was told by Jo Cox that the company will continue to protect vulnerable customers and work with relevant channels to find a solution, but people need to engage with IoM Energy.