Ronaldsway Met Office has released its latest weather roundup for March, confirming that last month was the fourth wettest since records began.

The rainfall collected at Ronaldsway was almost double the long-term average.

The temperature throughout the month saw a high of 12.2c and a low of 2c.

It was actually the fourth consecutive month with above-average rainfall, 116.9mm was collected in the gauge at Ronaldsway; compared to the 63mm average for March.

March 28 was the wettest day with 20.8mm, and there were 21 days with measurable rain and 18 days with over 1mm. It’s been confirmed as the fourth wettest March ever recorded.

Sunshine hours were a little below average, at 112 hours, with March 22 being the best day with 10 hours on the card.

There were no days with gales, but the mean wind speed across the month was higher than average, at 14.5 knots.

The Met Office’s Gary Salisbury said: ‘If we take the three winter months of December, January and February together, the total rainfall at Ronaldsway comes to 330.7mm, which is 36% above the 30-year 1991-2020 average.

‘December in particular was very wet with 148.5mm.

‘There were a couple of brief cold snaps, early December and mid-January, but on the whole the winter was mild, with a mean 24-hour temperature across the three months of 7.5°C, which is 1°C above the 1991-2020 average.’

Despite all the rain, sunshine hours were actually slightly up on the 30-year average, at 203.9 hours.

The winter as a whole was the sixth warmest on record and 12th wettest.