The island has been the target of a new Norse invasion.

Flocks of rare waxwings, complete with pink plumage and punky hairdos have been creating quite a spectacle, with a dozen or so spotted gorging on rowan berries by the site of the former Ramsey Bakery.

These exotic-looking birds first appeared along the east coast of the British Isles earlier this month but have been moving steadily south and west in search of food.

They are occasional visitors to the British Isles but large-scale invasions, known as ‘irruptions’ are prompted by failures of berry crops in their native Scandinavia. These irruptions have traditionally been linked to a cold, hard winter.

Waxwings will readily feed on ornamental garden bushes with berries and are very often tame.

Each bird is capable of devouring 390 berries, roughly its own weight, in two and a half hours.

They are quite distinctive, with their crest, black mask and yellow tipped tail.

They are named after the bright red wax-like tips to some of their flight feathers.