A once controversial roundabout on the Isle of Man has been named on a list of the 'UK's most confusing roads to drive'.

The Oval Roundabout - known locally as one of the city's two roundels - near the Villa Marina in Douglas has been described as 'one of the most bewildering rotaries' by car company Cinch.

The firm claims to have 'scoured the UK (sic)' to 'explore the country's (sic) most confusing roads'.

Referencing the Oval roundel, a spokesman for the firm said it 'certainly deserves its spot' on the list - which also includes Hanger Lane Gyratory, also dubbed 'malfunction junction, in West London.

However, it is unclear exactly how Cinch has reached its verdict on which roads and driving spots made the list.

It is also unclear why the Douglas spot has featured on a list naming the UK's most confusing roads - Cinch has been contacted for further comment.

Sam Sheehan, motoring editor at cinch, said: 'When it (the roundel) first opened in 2021, residents criticised it harshly, calling it a ‘joke’ and a ‘hideous eyesore’.

'But while locals are now used to its unusual design, visitors exploring this beautiful part of the world may find it difficult to decipher.

'Located along the Douglas Promenade, it has an oval shape and comprises three rings at the meeting of three roads.

'As it’s in a trafficked zone of the island, drivers don’t have much time to understand the mechanism of this odd-looking roundabout, making it tricky to figure out which lane to use and what exit to take.

'So, if you’re touring the Isle of Man by car or superbike and are unfamiliar with its roads, do your homework beforehand. This way, you’ll avoid wondering where to steer next."

According to the list. London and Birmingham are the most confusing cities in the UK to drive in, with 63% and 51% of motorists respectively admitting they find it perplexing to navigate their streets.

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