The founder of Energy FM has said that a civil case brought against him by the Treasury is politically motivated.

Former Member of the Legislative Council Juan Turner appeared in court this morning.

Appearing in front of Deputy High Bailiff Chris Arrowsmith at Small Claims Court, Mr Turner is being pursued by the Treasury for an unpaid rates bill totalling £4,634.60.

Mr Arrowsmith said that as the Treasury’s advocate had filed the final documentation on April 4, he had not given Mr Turner enough time to go through the paperwork.

The usual practice would be to allow 14 days to respond.

Mr Arrowsmith adjourned the case until May 17, to allow Mr Turner proper time to examine the case against him.

Mr Turner, representing himself, has questioned whether the Treasury has the legal power to bring the claim against him.

He said: ‘I have not seen any powers in place for the Treasury to commence legal action.’

In a counter claim brought by Mr Turner, he said: ‘This action was premature and was directed for political reasons.’