The Family Library’s Lego Brick Show saw just under 1,500 people attend.

It was an exhibition of impressive Lego builds, and the event included a raffle.

Approximately £1,116 was raised for the library from the raffle alone, with organisers not having yet counted up bucket donations.

The first Lego Brick Show in 2019 raised £700.

Library manager Sue Jolly said: ‘It was amazing!

‘We had four guys who did the builds, and four staff and two volunteers in the library all day.

‘People told us they were coming from across the island to see this exhibition, which was brilliant.’

She added: ‘We had a range of models to look at, some of which the children could play with. There was even a rocket they could launch.’

A number of people also offered to volunteer their time for the Family Library in the future.

Sue was surprised to see the queue to get into the library for the show wind all the way around the building and by the playground and said there was even one family waiting outside for the library to open at 8am.

‘We’re already looking ahead to the next one,’ she said. ‘It’s just amazing that this has done so well! Lots of people were asking why we didn’t make it a two-day event.’

The Lego Brick Show was sponsored by Elite Fitness.

Owner Stefan White, who helped out at the 2019 show, said: ‘I was excited to help make it bigger and better [this] time around.’