Lynne is raising money to fund MRI for her pet

By Paul Hardman   |   Reporter   |
Monday 11th July 2022 11:16 am
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Lynne Bourdiac has held a sponsored dog walk to raise money to send her four-year old American bulldog/chihuahua cross over to England for treatment.

Taric developed a debilitating limp which his vet here has been unable to diagnose.

Lynne, from Willaston, said that she would usually walk Taric three times a day.

He has received painkillers and a range of injections, and even been prescribed droplets of CBD cannabis oil – but nothing has appeared to heal his leg, which is now making it difficult for him to get up the stairs.

With an x-ray on the island being unable to diagnose the problem, Taric now needs to travel to outside Liverpool for an MRI, which will cost £2,500.

Pet MRIs are expensive in part due to the need for general anaesthesia, as they cannot be told to hold still during the scan like humans can.

‘I didn’t realise that because the pet insurance has been treating this for a year now, they won’t cover any more costs – I didn’t read the small print,’ Lynn said.

The hope is that should treatment be required, her vet on the island would allow her to pay these off on a payment plan.

Lynn explained that while Taric used to have the energy for three walks a day (along the whole length of the prom, or in plantations) now he only goes out for one, and also relies on a dog pram.

‘He wants to go out, but I can’t let him because I know he’ll pay for it. I don’t know what kind of damage I’m causing by walking him,’ she said.

Lynn added: He’s only tiny, but he’s lots of muscle’.

‘Everyone knows him down Millenium Oak Wood [the park by the hospital where she used to walk him], he’s a big personality in a little dog’.

Her last dog, a 12 year-old Pekingese called Elvis, also developed back trouble and relied on the dog pram.

She wanted a bulldog type next because they are ‘more robust’ and can be walked for longer, whereas Pekingese can only exercise for around 30 minutes by comparison.

Now working as an occasional dog walker, Lynn said there was no point in her life where she has not owned a dog.

Taric, who she has had since he was a puppy, did used to enjoy playing with her new dog, Ruger, a French bulldog/patterdale cross puppy, but no longer wants to with his injury.

The sponsored walk, which included collections with change buckets, raised £98.

Lynn is now planning a raffle and a car boot sale.

‘I care about him unconditionally but i don’t have the funds to help him. Dogs are my life and it pains me greatly to not he able to help him,’ she said in her appeal.

So far around £1,400 has been raised.

People can find Lynn’s Justgiving appeal at:


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