A 44-year-old man who harassed a police officer and threatened to kill her horse has been handed a suspended sentence and a restraining order.

Jason Leo Brown made false allegations against the woman, accusing her of drug-dealing and claimed he had been in a relationship with her, but later admitted that these were lies.

Magistrates sentenced him to six months' custody, suspended for two years, and issued a two-year restraining order prohibiting him from having contact with the victim.

He was also made the subject of a two-year suspended sentence supervision order.

We previously reported that between February 10 and 12, Brown made numerous 999 calls making allegations against the police officer.

He called her corrupt and threatened to kill her horse.

Brown claimed that the woman was dealing drugs and he was going to ‘expose’ her.

He made six 999 calls on February 12 and during one, said: ‘Just tell her her horse might eat foxglove in the next year.’

Foxglove is poisonous to horses.

He was arrested for harassment and said: ‘You can’t protect her forever.

‘Tell me what she sounds like when she cries.

‘I can’t wait to see her crying when I kill her horse.’

During an interview at police headquarters, Brown claimed he had been in a relationship with the woman between 2013 and 2023, repeated his corruption claims, and again said he would kill her horse.

The woman said that she had never been in a relationship with Brown and had only seen him at the stables where her horse was kept.

The court heard that Brown, who lives at Empress Drive in Douglas, has 25 previous convictions, involving 42 offences, and including a previous harassment conviction.

Prosecuting advocate Peter Connick said that Brown had also previously made false allegations against someone else involved in law.

Defence advocate James Peterson said that there was no rational explanation for what Brown had done, and that he now accepted that he had no previous connection to the woman, except for seeing her at the horse yard, and that he had dated one of her friends, who also went to the stables.

Mr Peterson said that the defendant had issues with alcohol and was having emotional difficulties at the time of the offences.

He said that Brown had purchased a large amount of alcohol and ‘hit the self-destruct button’.

The advocate said that Brown had no intention to harm the horse.

Brown was already subject to a 12 month probation order, imposed in August 2023.

That sentence came after he told a nurse at Accident and Emergency that she looked like child killer Lucy Letby, and then sang chants about Dale Cregan, who murdered two police officers in the UK.

Magistrates sentenced him to 16 weeks custody for the latest offences, but also revoked the previous probation order and replaced it with an additional two months’ custody, all suspended for two years.