Manx BirdLife says more than 100 birds were found either dead or distressed over the weekend.

The charity said it is likely, though not yet confirmed, that the cause is avian flu.

It tweeted: ‘Upsetting scenes today – 131 dead and distressed birds at the Point of Ayre. Great majority are greylag geese. Doubtless HPAV [bird flu], but we await official test results.’

Members of the public should not to touch any sick or dead birds.

As the virus is currently not affecting kept or farmed birds, no restriction zones or other measures have been introduced on the island, but the Department for the Environment, Food and Agriculture has the following advice:

Do NOT touch sick or dead birds or let dogs near them

Well-cooked local eggs and poultry are safe to eat

Keep a respectful distance from all wild birds, on land or at sea

Bird keepers should practice good biosecurity

The risk to people is considered low

Currently bird keepers in England, Scotland and Wales are being asked to implement strict biosecurity measures amid the UK’s largest ever bird flu outbreak.

The Isle of Man’s Chief Vet, Dr Amy Beckett, said: ‘There is a very real risk to kept birds on the Island this winter due to the situation in the UK, so we urge people who keep birds to do everything they can to avoid them coming into contact with wild birds.’

Anyone who finds a group of dead birds together should contact the animal health department on 685844 or by emailing [email protected].