Trying to find a more compact driving option? We’ve picked seven of the best.

Sometimes too much space is a bad thing. Frequently people find themselves with a little too much room for their needs, and they could be paying more for the privilege too. It’s often the same with cars.

In a time of much disruption, it’s likely many people will be looking to reduce their monthly bills as well. Downsizing, therefore, can be a great way of getting a hold on finances while shedding some unwanted space. Let’s take a look at some great new cars for the job...

1. Volkswagen Golf

You can’t really go wrong with the Volkswagen Golf, can you? Though the latest mark 8 generation Golf swamps the original mark 1 in terms of size, the most recent model is still one of the most reasonably sized cars on sale today.

It’s large enough for a family, but thanks to flexible boot space, has practicality on its side too. Plus, reasonably square proportions mean it’s not too difficult to park, either.

2. Hyundai i10

If you want to go even smaller, the Hyundai i10 could be the one. The latest model is more accomplished than ever, achieving the no-frills motoring people expect from Hyundai.

It’s also excellent to drive and frugal too - though much like the Golf, is still practical. There’s space inside for four, and it comes with an excellent five-year warranty too.

3. Vauxhall Corsa-e

If you want to both downsize and make the jump to an EV, the all-electric Corsa has plenty of potential. Being a Corsa it’s compact, but its electric powertrain should make cutting monthly fuel bills that bit easier.

Plus, with a 211-mile range, it’s more than useable - even for longer journeys. There’s plenty of standard equipment too, improving its value-for-money.

4. Mazda MX-5

We didn’t say downsizing had to be boring, did we? If you no longer have the need for four seats, then the MX-5 would be an admirable choice. Well built and great fun to drive, it’s little wonder why the compact Mazda has been so popular throughout the years.

Plus, it’s more frugal than you’d expect. Driven carefully you could see around 40mpg, bringing the monthly cost of running down.

5. Seat Arona

The current trend for crossovers and SUVs usually flies in the face of our downsizing approach here, but the little Arona is one such vehicle which surprisingly fits the bill. It’s compact, for one, thanks to its shared underpinnings with the Ibiza, but it’s got that raised-up driving position people love.

A variety of efficient engines are available too, and standard equipment levels are excellent.

6. Smart ForTwo EQ

If there’s ever a car to showcase downsizing, it must be the Smart ForTwo. Now all-electric only, this latest EQ version is by far the cleanest yet in terms of powertrains, but it hasn’t lost the adorable and tiny proportions of the original.

The only sticking point is range; between trips to the plug the Smart will only manage about 70 miles - so this is more suited to urban environments and shorter journeys.

7. Audi A1

If you’re set on the more premium end of the new car scale, but still want to drive something a little more compact, the Audi A1 is likely to already feature on your list. Small in proportion yet packing that all-important quality feel, the A1 is a great combination of style and substance.

Of course, it commands a more premium price tag, but excellent levels of fit-and-finish, as well as top-notch interior technology, do help to justify this.