The Department of Infrastructure has said that some roads will remain closed until at least tomorrow (Saturday) as its teams try to clear snow, ice and fallen trees.

The current closures on the A18 Mountain Road, Tholt Y Will Road and Beinn y Phott Road are all extended until midday tomorrow.

Please note that the closure on the Mountain Road does not include the route from Hillberry and the Creg Ny Baa remains accessible from Douglas/Onchan.

The A3 Ramsey to Castletown Road between Ballig, near Ballacraine, German to Douglas Road Corner, Kirk Michael is also closed until at least midday tomorrow.

A DoI Spokesperson said: 'As well last night's heavy snowfall. which has drifted in some places, there have been multiple trees down on the road between Ballig and Glen Helen.

'We have had a team working along the road removing them from first thing this morning.

'Our snowblower has been clearing the road from the Lambfell end and will be joined by other equipment, as staff and equipment become available from clearing other roads and estates.'

Barregarrow crossroads
Barregarrow crossroads (Department of Infrastructure)

The A36 Shoulder Road is closed from the South Barrule (A3) junction to the B44 Ballakilpheric Road junction.

A27 (Ronague Road and Dalby Road) from the junction with the Lhagg Road, Dalby and the junction with the B39 Corlea Road is closed.

These restrictions have been extended until midday tomorrow (Saturday, March 11). The situation with both roads will be reviewed in the morning.

The B22 West Baldwin Road is closed due to a fallen tree which is blocking the road.

The closure is from a point close to the Injebreck reservoir to the junction with the Beinney Phott Road.

DoI added: 'We have a team on site working to remove the obstruction. It's a very big tree and it is taking some shifting.

'The top of the road is snow bound and there are other smaller trees/branches that have come down that have to be cleared before we can get equipment up to clear it.'