A man who ordered £10,000- worth of cannabis through the post from the USA has been jailed.

Scott Anthony Johnson was sentenced to 16 months.

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty to the importation of drugs, as well as attempting to possess the drug with intent to supply, and being concerned in the supply of it.

In a statement he said that he owed £20,000 in drug debt to the dealer who sent the package, having promised that the debt would be wiped out if he accepted delivery of it.

On February 8, Isle of Man Customs and Excise intercepted a package which was being sent to the island from America.

It was addressed to a ‘Bradley Williams’ in Ramsey and when opened, was found to contain 506.4 grams of cannabis, which police valued at £10,128.

Police replaced the parcel with a dummy package and it was delivered to its intended address.

Johnson was the only person present at the address and when asked if he was ‘Bradley Williams’ replied ‘yeah, yeah’.

Shortly afterwards police arrived and searched the property, finding the package in a rucksack.

Johnson, who lives in Furman Close in Douglas, was arrested and taken to police headquarters where he gave ‘no comment’ responses to questions during an interview.

His mobile phone was examined and evidence of him being involved in drug dealing was found as well as a tracking number for the package.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers argued that he had supplied only smaller amounts to friends, who used it for medicinal purposes, and to fund his own habit.

His own use was also said to be self-medication for mental health, arthritis in both wrists and back pain from a slipped disc.

The court heard that Johnson has previous convictions for the importation of cannabis and MDMA in 2019 and 2002.

Eight months of the new prison sentence was given for breaching his licence, having been on probation for a separate offence.