The Curraghs Wildlife Park’s youngest Silvery Gibbon has been named Graihagh after a vote on social media.

Followers of the Park’s Facebook page were recently asked to choose between Graihagh, Cara, Feena and Kirree, with the former name, which means lovable/loving in Manx Gaelic, proving the most popular.

The Gibbon was born in September, but it’s taken a while for park keepers to confirm the primate’s gender.

Graihagh is the third silvery gibbon to be born in the island, joining brother Ffinlo and sister Aalin.

A park spokesperson said: ‘She is very active and getting stronger as she grows, climbing around by herself with mum close by she's a real star and ambassador for her species in Java.’

This species is endangered with around 2,000 left in Indonesian island of Java.

The Park has donated more than £8,000 since 2016 to the Javan Primate Conservation Centre, where more than 40 Silvery gibbons have been rehabilitated and released to the wild.