Douglas Council ‘neither supports nor objects’ to a planning application for the Gloccamorra site on Douglas Head.

The site has been has been in a state of disrepair for a number of years and was first brought to planning in 2011 where it was permitted, but various amendments to the application have been refused since then.

In a debate at the council’s April meeting, Councillor Falk Horning said ‘improvements’ had been made but the site has to ‘fit’ criteria and the area.

He also said the local authority found it difficult to support it due to comments made by the government’s health and safety directorate, suggesting the development would be ‘risky’ because of its location.

However Councillor Ian Clague was disappointed and called the decision a ‘cop out’.

His colleague, Stephen Pitts, said councillors have been asking for more ‘input’ into planning decisions and the council ‘can’t even make one’.