Police have asked the public to stay away from part of South Barrule plantation as they use dogs to track the whereabouts of a missing 81-year old.

David Lee was reported missing yesterday afternoon and police are concerned for his welfare due to his health conditions.

The police said in a statement: ‘Mr Lee is a white male, 5ft 2 in height last seen on a bus to Foxdale.

‘Mr Lee is believed to wearing some form of hat, potentially with a number of metal pins within the front of the hat.

‘We have had fantastic help from the public and our partners.

‘We are now able to give a better update on his movements.

‘Mr Lee got on a bus in Douglas on Thursday and got off in Foxdale.

‘He was last sighted walking from Foxdale in the direction of the Ballamodha which would mean passing South Barrule plantation. This was at 1.30pm on Thursday.

‘As such our efforts were focussed on that area from yesterday evening.

‘We would ask that the public stay away from the above area of South Barrule plantation at this time as we will have scent sensitive dogs in the area tracking.

‘We do appreciate the public’s help and we will keep you informed of developments or assistance we may require.

‘The below is vitally important.If you have seen Mr Lee in the last 24 hours, please contact police on 631212, or email [email protected]

‘Please do not rule out sightings elsewhere in the area but please bear in mind the recent images. If you are with Mr Lee or have spotted him recently, please call 999.’