The Chief Minister Alfred Cannan has stated that the Council of Ministers has not considered introducing a mechanism for island residents to directly petition the government.

Asked whether it had been considered by Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse during Tuesday’s House of Keys sitting, the Chief Minister explained that all petitions must come through Tynwald before they reach the government.

Mr Cannan said: ‘There are already two routes by which Isle of Man residents can petition Tynwald directly. To create a third route to petition the government potentially risks unnecessary duplication.

‘There is of course, the ancient right to present a petition of redress to Tynwald Hill on Tynwald Day.

‘This is now supplemented by a public petition which can be presented on behalf of members of the public at any monthly sitting of Tynwald court.’

In a supplementary question, Mr Moorhouse enquired whether the Manx public should be made more aware of these possible routes to petition, while referring to the UK as somewhere that does promote these routes well within their government.

Mr Cannan replied: ‘I do think this ancient right is one that is well known amongst the people of the island.

‘I would encourage people to use it of course, where they then have to be picked up by honourable members and taken forward as matters of concern to Tynwald.

‘Of course, this is the matter of public petition again - it is really up to Tynwald whether they think it should progress to be a matter for the government.

‘I’m always willing to listen to people’s alternative views, but I really do think that petitions should be brought to Tynwald.’