It will be one of the biggest days in the political year on Tuesday when the government sets its budget for the next 12 months.

Treasury Minister Alex Allinson will say how money will be raised and how it will be spent.

The court has other issues on the agenda too.

The Chief Minister will be asked to give an update on the provision of a night shelter in Tynwald on Tuesday.

Chair of the Housing and Communities Board Chris Thomas will also be asked whether emergency housing is currently available for homeless people.

Homelessness charity Graih, which offered services including drop-ins, an emergency night shelter and pastoral support to homeless people and those in insecure or unsuitable accommodation’, closed in September last year.

It had been running since 2008 and shut following an assessment of the sustainability of the service.

Mr Thomas gave an update in November last year, saying that finding a replacement had ‘proved challenging’.

Broadway Baptist Church in Douglas continued operating its day centre six days a week after the closure, but the government had been struggling to deliver an interim service.

Meanwhile, new Enterprise Minister Tim Johnston will be asked whether insurance is in place to allow the TT and other races to take place this year.

It comes after TT organisers dismissed fears that the event will be directly affected by the possible cancellation of all racing in Northern Ireland for 2023.

The Motorcycle Union of Ireland Ulster Centre has launched a rescue bid for the races after insurance costs led to their cancellation.

The MCUI (UC) said that insurance costs had risen from £170,000 in 2022 to £410,000 in 2023, with the organisation saying it was likely to have a shortfall of around £200,000.

This, with a capped excess of £300,000 being introduced, means the MCUI may need to raise up to £500,000 in the short term.

Minister for Health Lawrie Hooper will face questions about the Health and Social Care Ombudsman Body, which investigates complaints against organisations, particularly whether it has begun actively considering complaints and if not, when it will do so.

What issues were raised by the Appointments Commission relating to the appointment of a chair and members of the body will also be asked.

Mr Hooper said in January he was ‘disappointed’ it had taken so long to get the ombudsman body up and running.

As well as this, Speaker of the House of Keys Juan Watterson wants to know how the public were engaged in formulating the April 2023 mandate for Manx Care, which sets out the aims of the organisation.

Education Minister Julie Edge will be quizzed on how the impact of post-viral conditions on young people and staff within schools has been assessed.

She will also be asked what measures have been taken to respond to the needs of young people and staff with Long Covid, and what lessons have been learnt regarding accessibility to schools for people with chronic health conditions.

Mr Allinson will be stating if he will review the eligibility criteria for bereavement payments to include those living together as though they are married.

And Children’s Champion Kerry Sharpe will be asked when the next Children’s Champion Report will be available.

Following Tynwald questions, Minister for Justice and Home Affairs Jane Poole-Wilson will be making a statement on a report on the inspection of the fire and rescue services.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan is also set to apologise on behalf of the government for ‘past mistakes’ that contributed to children being abused at the Knottfield children’s home.