The newest Member of the Legislative Council has spoken about her election to Tynwald.

Three members were re-elected last week. These were Diane Kelsey, Tanya August-Hanson, and Paul Craine.

Mrs Kelsey received 19 votes, Miss August-Hanson received 17 votes and Mr Craine had 15.

Dawn Kinnish, who is the only new member elected, also received 17 votes.

She said: ‘I am absolutely thrilled to have been elected from a broad range of candidates who all brought a different dimension to the election.

‘It is brilliant to see so many candidates come forward and I hope that this interest in Legislative Council elections will continue to grow.’

She thanked all of the MHKs who nominated her and voted her in and said how ‘grateful’ she is for the support from friends, family and former colleagues.

‘I am particularly keen to support the progress of the legislative programme in the Island Plan as there is a significant amount of legislation to come through,’ Mrs Kinnish added. ‘I am also interested in both supporting and examining the work of government through the lens of equality, to assess whether the potential impact of decision making has overlooked or had a negative effect on any under-represented groups in our society, creating unintended inequalities.’

Thirteen or more votes were required to be considered for the available seats.

Other nominees included Kirree Anne Jenkins, who received 14 votes, Conor Keenan with nine votes, Peter Reid had 11 votes, Marie Birtles, who had five votes, Gary Clueit with 12, Brian Brumby with six, and David Prictor, who received four votes.

Of the four members retiring, Marlene Maska was the only one who chose not to stand again.