New Ramsey Commissioners chair Alby Oldham and vice chair Rob Cowell are ‘committed’ to giving residents the best value for money.

Mr Oldham says he would like to ‘carry on’ with what he started.

He said: ‘This time we have got a good team together.’

Mr Cowell added: ‘I would agree with our team for sure.

‘We’ve got a great board of commissioners, lots of depth and breadth in it and we’re all focused on making Ramsey the best place we can make it.’

However, Mr Cowell says there are ‘a lot’ of problems in the town that need sorting out including the development of brownfield sites and the regeneration of the quay.

He said: ‘There’s a lot going on within Ramsey. We have the quayside redevelopment, which is on the back burner within central government. Hopefully funding for that will come through at some point.

‘The street needs redevelopment still.

‘There’s a lot of brownfield sites in the town that we need to see developed.

‘The Department for Enterprise ran a project recently with brownfield funding being available to central government and that was great.

‘I want to see the uptake on that and see what’s actually happened as the results will come through in the next year or two. I would hope there’s a lot of projects, such as net zero as well within the town hall being probably our biggest driver of the next 12 months.

‘I think the biggest thing for Ramsey residents is value for money. The ratepayer wants to see value, and that’s what we’re committed to bringing forward.’

Mr Oldham added that the commissioners ‘don’t have a pot for everything’.  

‘Historically, Ramsey or any local authority, has outstanding debt on rate debt, so we have got a small amount of debtors in Ramsey,’ he said.

‘We’ve now got Treasury to sign off and pursue that debt.

‘We are committed to bringing that money that’s outstanding into our pot.’