Tim Glover MHK’s column: Some big decisions for the Keys and Tynwald

Monday 4th April 2022 5:17 pm
Manx Litfest Poetry Slam 2021 at Port St Mary town hall - compere Tim Glover MHK (Isle of Man Newspapers )

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Every week we invite an MHK to write for us.

Tim Glover wrote this column for the Isle of Man Examiner of March 29

Becoming an MHK is the toughest job interview going.

Knocking on doors and asking people you either know or don’t know is incredibly difficult but, at the same time, very rewarding.

Being an MHK is a full-time experience. I had to leave my role at Manx Radio in order to stand due to the conflict between being a journalist and campaigning.

Am I enjoying it? Yes, as I haven’t missed my previous line of work.

At a national level there have already been some really big decisions for the House of Keys and Tynwald to make.

We had to vote through a large increase in gas charges in the first few weeks.

I am really glad we have now put that responsibility in the hands of a regulator who will balance the needs of the customer first but allow Manx Gas to remain a viable business.

The cost of living crisis is a serious challenge for the current administration who are powerless when faced with the many worldwide issues contributing to the large spike in prices.

Government also has a duty to look after the most vulnerable people on our island.

Everyone will feel the pinch from the rising cost of filling the car fuel tank, heating a home and paying to put food on our plates.

It will be interesting to hear what the Treasury Minister David Ashford has to say on these matters at the April sitting of Tynwald.

However, we shouldn’t just rely on government.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is having a serious economic fallout for us.

We may not be firing bullets and missiles but economically we are in a time of war.

This will mean items we are used to having may not be available. All of us on the island will need to tighten our belts and lower our expectations while conflict rages on European soil.

The situation in Ukraine has allowed this administration and Tynwald to show a social responsibility.

There has been a serious amount of good work taking place in Cabinet Office to allow us to provide a sanctuary to Ukrainians fleeing their homes.

Three thoughts to close – this demonstrates we care for people in distress.

I am sure my colleagues will also have been asked the question why is this different from previous situations like Syria? My answer is we have a different Council of Ministers and a newly-elected Tynwald.

Finally, we also have to have the same amount of care for those residents who will seriously struggle with the current cost of living crisis.

In tomorrow’s Isle of Man Examiner, Michelle Haywood writes about a topic that interests her. The paper is on sale tomorrow morning.


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