Tynwald members are to hear about Manx Utilities’ plans for onshore renewable energy today.

Chair of the Manx Utilities Tim Crookall is to make a statement on the matter.

It comes after Manx Utilities was set an objective under the Island Plan to install a minimum of 20MW of onshore renewable electricity generation by 2026.

Summerland fire

There will also be a statement from the Chief Minister, Alfred Cannan, on the 50th anniversary since the Summerland fire, and what will take place to mark the tragedy.

An update was due to be delivered by Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas will be provided on the Liverpool Ferry Terminal. However, he has been sacked since the agenda was drawn up.

The project has been significantly delayed, with the price spiralling since its inception.

Members will be asked by Treasury Minister Alex Allinson to make additional contingency funds available to accommodate the final stages of the project to build the Isle of Man Ferry Terminal in Liverpool.

With the project initially being priced at £25 million, the budget allocated for it now, will be £80 million.

Jane Poole-Wilson, the Minister for Justice and Home Affairs, will be making a statement on the recently published report on the inspection of the Isle of Man Prison.

The report found a number of shortcomings in the prison, including not being sufficiently good in tests of safety, purposeful activity and rehabilitation and release planning.

That being said, the report stated that the prison operated reasonably well on a daily basis.

The Minister for Health and Social Care, Lawrie Hooper, is looking to change the system for future nursing, residential and homecare costs.

Tim Glover, member for Arbory, Castletown and Malew, wants to know whether Dr Allinson believes that the funding for the information commissioners is adequate.

It comes after the information commissioner, Ian McDonald, recently stepped down, citing issues of funding and staff shortages as driving factors for his decision.

Jason Moorhouse, member for Arbory, Castletown and Malew, wants an update on the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) review.

Earlier this year the RSE curriculum was suspended following concerns by parents around the appropriateness of material taught.

The review has three stages, with the first part published in March this year, which focused on controversy at Queen Elizabeth II High Schoo in Peel.

The investigation has two more stages – the preparation and delivery of RSE in QEII and a review RSE curriculum, guidance and training provided by DESC.

Member for Garff Daphne Caine wants answers from Education Minister Julie Edge when her department will review school meals.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse is interested in when the Manxman enter service, whether a public viewing of the new ship will take place and what the cost of the recent celebration on July 9 was.

He also wants to know how many hours the training air traffic controllers still require to be fully qualified.

It comes after the recent airport chaos, in part, caused by new daily runway closures due to air traffic controllers needing to meet their minimum rest requirements.

The sitting starts at 10am.

There is a long agenda and the sitting is likely to continue tomorrow and even perhaps the day after.