Residents in Laxey are in the early stages of compiling their own report into why the village was hit so hard by recent flooding.

The organiser of an action group has said that it was felt the villagers needed a ’consolidated approach’ and to work together after being neglected by governments.

Andrew Smith, a former Laxey commissioner, said that the residents plan to have their own report into the flooding conducted and to establish a working group who would be able to assist anyone affected by future flooding and to look at the state of the village’s river banks.

Mr Smith said that following the floods, he had several neighbours and friends in the village contact him about what to do next. He said a ’consolidated approach’ was the way forward.

During the public meeting last week, Mr Smith said he has lived in the same house since 1986 and suffered from flooding on three occasions: in 2002, 2015 and this year.

He added: ’As the clean up operation began, many residents were in a state of abject shock and disbelief, exceptionally and justifiably, angry.

’Understandably emotions were running high and various courses of actions were suggested.

’Following numerous discussions with residents, I suggested the best plan of action would be to petition for a public meeting which would follow a formal procedure and offer a quantifiable outcome.

’It was also acknowledged that a subsequent common document subscribed to by all residents affected will both have more impact and a give a much better and more detailed position of the situation of the whole situation regarding Laxey flooding issues when presented to the relevant government departments.’

Mr Smith said that while compiling a list of people to seek a formal public meeting, he got to hear about various residents’ stories about the flooding which is why he and his fellow volunteers decided to create their own report which he called a ’dossier of evidence’.

The dossier will include a map showing houses that have been affected by flooding in recent years, which will make it easier and clearer to identify problems in the village and where issues need resolving.

Mr Smith also revealed that the group who will compile the dossier will be working with a UK-based flooding expert to assist them on creating their report.

And he told the Examiner about the formation of an action group which he said ’won’t just be a talking society’.

He added: ’The idea is that if people need help, they know who they can contact in the village and there is always someone on hand locally day or night to help residents.’

However, given what is seen by Laxey residents as failings by governments which led chairman of Manx Utilities Dr Alex Allinson MHK to admit ’we’ve lost your trust’, Mr Smith said there is a need to distance the residents report from government to ensure people feel confident supplying information.

He added: ’We will be happy to share it, but it’s our report.’