The Isle of Man Constabulary Roads Policing Unit has provided an update on their road traffic figures over the period of this years Manx Grand Prix.

A spokesperson for the Roads Policing Unit said: 'With the island being the road racing capital of the world, thus bringing many visitors to the island who are unfamiliar with our roads and particularly the TT Course, it is imperative that our policing plan is based upon high visibility patrols around the island, which is focused on being firm but fair with appropriate enforcement.

'Our officers are, and were, out proactively keeping our roads safe, by not only looking out for speeders but also those who are uninsured, driving with no licence as well as drink and drug drivers.'

This year, a total of 51 endorsable fixed penalty notices (EFPN’S) were issued by the Roads Policing Unit, of which 47 were for speeding.

Four fixed penalty notices were issued. A total of five people were arrested, three relating to drug driving. No people were arrested for drink driving.

There were two serious injury road traffic collisions (RTCs) recorded during the period, which is a reduction from the five which were recorded last year.

Sergeant Taylor, from the Roads Policing Unit, said, “I would like to thank our partner agencies for their assistance during the MGP period, especially around the MGP centenary lap, in making it possible.

'The Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure provided resources and staffing to cover certain crossing points so as to help reduce the burden on the Constabulary. The DHA motorsport team also provided substantial assistance and guidance to the organisers of the event.

'The centenary lap itself was very much a team effort by many people and was a most fitting way to mark the centenary of the MGP by having a parade lap and I am thankful to all responsible in making it happen.'