Scouts will continue to play a ’major role’ in TT scorekeeping despite the removal of the old scoreboard last October.

Typically, up to 70 scouts a day help out at the Grandstand with scorekeeping on the iconic board which was deemed no longer fit for purpose.

The TT organisers and the DOI’s motorsport team have formed a liaison committee with the Scout Association, and have been holding meetings with them at the Granstand.

Mike Southall MBE, of the Scouts, who is overseeing the liaison, said that they were being actively consulted on the ongoing planning for the new board, and had submitted a paper of suggestions to the department.

Mr Southall said the department sought the Scouts’ input on ’how we operated the old one, and what we think of the new designs’. He previously voiced concerns about an all-digital scoreboard, caling it a ’worst case scenario’.

The TT organisers want a scoreboard which ’fully incorporates the latest technology whilst maintaining the heritage and tradition of the existing structure’.