The island’s only independent record shop is hoping to become a bigger and more visible member of the community as they prepare to open their new premisses.

Sound Records opened the doors to its new shop, on Wellington Street, in Douglas today (Thursday).

The record shop and vinyl stockist, run by Jack Doyle and Ed Oldham, moved from their basement shop on the corner of Duke Street to the more noticeable location with the hope that, by having more space to play with, they will be able to provide more of a community and social feel, as well as being able to comfortably host live bands and events.

’Basically, we outgrew our old shop and we wanted to find something bigger for our customers,’ said Jack.

This new place gives us more flexibility to put events on, whatever they may be, and make ourselves into a more community minded place.

’We want to really embrace the music community and create a place where people will want to come, not just to buy records, but to meet and socialise. We’ll be starting to open late and we’ll be doing other things, like selling coffee and, hopefully in the future, beer, things like that, and really opening up the social side of the shop.

’We’ve really enjoyed being in our original shop, but it’s great to be able to give something back to our regular customers and to say thanks for supporting us.’

Jack hopes to have an opening event later in the month.