A teenager has been put on probation for causing grievous bodily harm after his punch fractured a man’s cheekbone.

Kyle James Reeder also threatened the man with a knife and had to be restrained by police using Pava spray - an incapacitant spray similar to pepper spray.

The 17-year-old had previously been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm.

However, that charge was upgraded to GBH (grievous bodily harm) after the full extent of the victim’s injuries was established.

Reeder pleaded guilty to the new charge and had also previously pleaded guilty to affray and possessing a bladed article in public.

Magistrates sentenced him to an 18 month probation order.

Prosecuting advocate Peter Connick told the court that the victim was sitting outside Castlemona Spar shop, which is located on the Promenade in Douglas, on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2023, at 11pm.

He said that Reeder was on the opposite side of the road, but then crossed over and started fighting, initially with the victim’s friend.

He then pulled out a knife and the victim said he tried to calm him down.

However, he said that Reeder then punched him in the face and said of the knife: ‘Do you want this in your neck?’

He then hit the victim with three more punches and swept the knife towards him, but it only connected with the victim’s jacket.

The victim suffered cuts to his lip, a black eye, and was later found to have a fractured cheekbone.

Police located Reeder at 11.15pm and he tried to run off but was put on the ground by officers.

He kicked out and flailed his arms, striking an officer and was eventually subdued with Pava spray.

During an interview at police headquarters, Reeder admitted assaulting the man and claimed he carried a knife for self-defence, but had no intention of using it.

He said: ‘I meant to cause the injuries at the time, but now I do regret it.  I don’t have any excuse.’

(Reeder was sentenced at the courthouse in Douglas)

A victim impact statement was read out from the man who was attacked and in it, he said that he received an injury to his nose and to the left of his face as a result of the attack.

In the victim impact statement, he said that his injuries had left him sounding drunk or as if he had developed a lisp when he spoke.

He was said to have since undergone surgery to treat his injuries following the incident.

Defence advocate James Peterson said that his client had initially appeared before the juvenile court but had since turned 17 so was now in the adult court.

Mr Peterson said that the defendant was immature for his age and had issues with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Aspergers, and anxiety.

The advocate said: ‘His life has gone off the rails somewhat. 

‘He is a young man who needs assistance.’

Mr Peterson asked the court to follow the recommendation of a probation report for a period of supervision.

The advocate went on to ask for credit to be given for Reeder’s admissions in police interview and his guilty pleas.

Magistrates sentenced the teenager, who lives at Peveril Road in Douglas, to 18 months probation for each offence.

The sentence for each offence is set to run concurrently.