There have been 10 reported threats to staff working in education since January 1, 2023.

Jane Poole-Wilson, the Minister for Justice and Home Affairs, revealed this in Tynwald this week after being questioned by Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK, Tim Glover.

Mrs Poole-Wilson said that three of these reports remain under investigation.

Mr Glover responded by saying: ‘That’s a disturbing number and I am sure there have been others that haven’t actually gone to the police as well.

‘The message, I am sure the minister will agree, has to be sent from this court that threats to anybody working in education, health or anywhere indeed, should be absolutely condemned.’

In the period, schools Relationships and Sex Education curriculum has been suspended, due to growing concerns by parents.

After allegations regarding the experiences of some students in RSE classes were published in a media outlet in the island the matter reached a large amount of public attention, including national news outlets such as the Daily Mail and the Telegraph.

The Department of Education, Sports and Culture commenced a three part review of the allegations and the RSE curriculum.

The first part of the investigation was published in the March sitting of Tynwald.

At the time, the Minister for Education, Sports and Culture Julie Edge, said: ‘There have been malicious accusations and comments which continue to be received by our staff, and myself directly through email, letters, telephone calls and shared across social media platforms.

‘These are continuing to have a detrimental impact upon many individuals.’

She added: ‘It should be noted that our staff have felt unsafe following threats from individuals.

‘These range from threats to turn up at the school, demands for staff to be dismissed to demands for people to be arrested and executed.’

The second part of the review is ongoing.