More than 8,000 cats’ eyes will be installed on roads across the island.

Work will begin later this month and will take place over a few months to replace a number of cats’ eyes over 80km of road.

The first area to be tackled will be Fisher Hill at Gansey which will required a full road closure for two days between Monday, July 15 and Friday, July 19 depending on the weather.

The Department of Infrastructure provided an update on Facebook confirming it has appointed Colas (IOM) Ltd to undertake a scheme to replace and install the illuminated road studs.

The post says: ‘Works are programmed over the next few months to firstly remove broken or buried road studs and subsequently install new ones.

‘This year’s contract covers approximately 80 kilometres of carriageway and will involve the removal of about 1600 buried or defective road studs and the installation of about 8,500 new road studs on nine of the Island’s roads.

‘Sites chosen include those that have been resurfaced in recent times that have yet to have road studs reinstalled.’

The road studs are designed and manufactured in the UK by 3M, using recycled materials and will replace the older metal type that are fixed below the surface of the carriageway.

The post continues: ‘The department is developing plans to undertake further road stud installation/replacement works over the next two or three years beyond the scope of the current contract.

‘Depending on the location or characteristics of a particular road, the planned works will require either a closure or traffic management (mobile working).’