This month's Tynwald sitting is set to commence at 10am.

The Treasury Minister will be asking for the approval of £10 million from the general reserves to be made available for the Isle of Man Ferry Terminal in Liverpool.

A report on the matter was published last week, looking into why the terminal, initially estimated at £18 million has skyrocketed to around £70 million.

Isle of Man Energy’s disconnection programme and Isle of Man Post Office consultation into redundancies will be under the spotlight. Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK, Jason Moorhouse, wants to know from Chair of OFT, John Wannenburgh, what discussions have taken place with Isle of Man Energy about any plans they may have to turn off people’s gas in the coming days; how many people are likely to be affected; and what power the OFT has to ensure that people either remain connected or can be reconnected.

It comes after Isle of Man Energy disconnected the gas supplies of 30 customers last week to customers who had fallen into arrears, with a further 90 set to be cut off by the energy supplier next week.