Fuel companies have been rationing heating oil because of shortages.

Ellan Vannin Fuels (EVF) and Manx Petroleum have still been delivering fuel but in smaller quantities, with a cap of 300 litres per household.

Yesterday, a customer trying to order heating oil told the Isle of Man Examiner that he was quoted a three-week delay to fuel delivery from EVF.

Last month, Irish newspapers reported that panic buying had led to stocks running short and rationing was also introduced by some companies in Northern Ireland.

However, Northern Fuels Ltd says it expects the fuel supply to return to normal this week with a full shipment due tomorrow or Thursday.

The average household uses between 140 and 150 litres of heating oil a month, this number is higher in winter, and varies per household.

A spokesperson for Northern Fuels Ltd, a fuel supplier in the island, said: ‘Where the fuel is usually sourced from, which is Stanlow Refinery in Liverpool, they couldn’t supply us with fuel so unfortunately we’ve had to source the fuel from further afield.’

He added: ‘The last two ships that have arrived have had a shortfall of fuel therefore this has had a knock-on effect in what fuel we can supply a customer.’

Due to the shortage, across the UK places have been supplied with less heating oil, to ensure that everywhere has some fuel.

This comes a month after further sanctions on Russia by the EU were implemented, which has caused a drop in European tanker cargoes from key Western oil ports in Russia, according to Bloomberg.

The Northern Fuel spokesman added: ‘We’re expecting a full shipment of fuel on January 18, shortly followed by a further vessel a week later. This will bring things back to normality.

‘It has been a difficult and frustrating time but there is light at the end of the tunnel.’

The past year has already seen a 57.3% increase in the price of heating oil, according to the government’s inflation report published last month.

Manx Petroleum declined to comment, however in an online statement, it said: ‘Any outstanding order amounts swill be delivered after we have received our next shipment.

‘Any reduced quantity deliveries will not incur a higher pence per litre rate, they will be charged at the tariff for the original order quantity.’

EVF did not get back to the Examiner by the time we went to press.