Would you be interested in taking on the lease at the Niarbyl cafe?

Manx National Heritage (MNH) says it will be advertising in the near future for new tenants to take on the facility, which is currently under refurbishment.

The cafe, which is managed by MNH, has been closed since early last year when the last tenancy ended.

MNH said works to refurbish the Niarbyl cafe are due to be completed in early summer.

These works involve repair, maintenance and decorative finishes to the interior and exterior of the building.

The cafe opened in 2005.

It has a dramatic setting overlooking Niarbyl Bay and views along the stunning southwest coastline towards the Calf of Man.

In a statement, MNH said: ‘Contractors are currently working on Niarbyl cafe. Works are due to be completed in early summer.

‘The opportunity to lease the cafe will be advertised in the near future, with further details to be announced.

‘Interested parties are invited to register their interest by emailing [email protected]