Isle of Man TT ace James Hillier is to tackle the iconic Dakar Rally again next year.

The 39 year old competed in the near 5,000km two-week endurance event in 2023, finishing 70th on his 450 Gas Gas in a time of 70 hours 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

With support from the WTF Racing team he has ridden the big bike races for in this year’s TT he hopes to return to Saudi Arabia again in January to tackle one of world motorsport’s most gruelling events.

Speaking about his return to the desert, Hillier said: ‘It’s a drug, maybe a little bit like here [the TT]. It’s an expensive drug, but the older I get more aware I'm becoming that we're only here once.

‘My happy place is me and a motorbike against a track, a terrain or whatever it is.

‘I can't wait to do it again. I need to keep pushing myself to do these things because my life clock's ticking.

‘I don't want to get old and regret not doing them. The plan is to get back and I hope second time round I'll enjoy it somewhat more because I’ll know a little bit more about what I’m up against. To go back with the same team will also be a big help.

‘I've haven’t got any intention of trying to win or anything crazy I just want the adventure and the experience.’

Asked about comparisons between the event and the TT, Hillier added: ‘I'd say it's more intense than the TT because there's not really much rest.

‘There you are constantly aware of quite serious potential injury.

‘You can be milliseconds away from really hurting yourself, so you're constantly analysing everything which can be tiring.

‘It’s also not very forgiving, which is a lot like here.’