The Manx Wildlife Trust and UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man have launched the Nature Recovery Network, which aims at encouraging everyone to do their bit for nature while getting an all-island picture of the efforts to boost biodiversity.

Landowners, managers and custodians are encouraged to go online via or and take a two minute survey called “How Wild Is Your Land?”.

They will receive scores for their contributions to food, shelter, water, connectivity and natural solutions, and can opt in to receive free hints and tips on changes they can make to make their land more nature friendly.

If land scores more than 50% in the survey, it will be added to a new map (housed on that will plot the island’s nature.

This map will form a new “layer” on the Isle of Man Government’s existing “Island Environment” map and will build a picture of habitat and biodiversity across the whole island. A complementary interactive dashboard will show areas managed for nature as they are added, so those with an interest can watch it grow.

Dr Michelle Haywood MHK, member for environment (DEFA), said: ‘I hope those encouraging nature, ranging from those with the tiniest plots to much bigger spaces, will use the tool to log their own contributions and learn about other steps they can take to be even more nature friendly.’

The project is part of Manx Wildlife Trust’s goal to see 30% of the island’s land and sea managed by 2030, as well as helping to achieve the aims of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man’s local strategy, Working Together For A Sustainable Future.

Graham Makepeace-Warne, engagement manager at Manx Wildlife Trust, said: ‘We are committed to remaining at the heart of the drive to protect wildlife. Together we can achieve this by linking larger areas and landscape scale action.’