Douglas Council’s new recycling strategy has seen the number of people recycling quadruple in the city.

The new strategy, which launched in September 2022, saw bin collections changed from weekly to fortnightly alongside the already established recycling collections during alternate weeks.

Douglas Council also introduced a kerbside garden waste collection service, which will run between February and November every year.

A spokesperson from Douglas Council said: ‘The aim was to promote responsible waste management and increase recycling rates from the static 5%.

‘I’m glad to say that the authority is currently achieving recycling rates of 20% on average, so the strategy has worked from that perspective.’

Councillor Falk Horning, the environmental services committee chair, said: ‘We said from the outset that we would carry out a review after the service had been in operation for a year and we remain committed to that once we have a full 12 months of data. ‘The indications are extremely positive, however, with the vast majority of 12,000 Douglas households adjusting very well to the change in service.

‘This initiative has never been about cost but about responsible waste management, minimising the environmental impact of the waste the city generates. As a result of these changes, recycling rates have quadrupled.

‘I would like to thank residents who have engaged positively with the service changes. Your actions have resulted in a significantly higher recycling rate, reduced raw material extraction and saved energy from fossil fuels which is even more relevant with the war in Ukraine.

‘Your commitment supports the island’s biosphere credentials and its reputation.’

June also saw the opening of the ‘Eastern Civic Amenity’ next to the incinerator at the bottom of Richmond Hill in Braddan.

The 1.4-hectare site is publicly owned and operated by the joint committee from five local authorities – Douglas, Onchan, Braddan, Santon and Garff.

Mr Horning continued: ‘It has been quite a milestone year actually with the opening of the new Eastern District Civic Amenity Site which has been extremely well received by the public.

‘The new facility not only further establishes innovative waste management infrastructure, but provides value for money, increased flexibility and convenience for residents.

‘The waste services team continues to have an open door and will help residents with genuine concerns.’