Zurich In the Isle of Man has cut its electricity consumption by a quarter over a period of three years, resulting in a significant reduction in its carbon footprint too.

It’s due to significant changes in working practices, installation of smart technology in the office, and a high level of staff engagement.

Zurich In the Isle of Man has achieved its 25% reduction in electricity consumption (based on figures from 2019 and 2022) by adopting a holistic approach to sustainability.

This has included…

  • Carrying out a detailed review of internal office lighting at Zurich House, including measuring lux (units that measure light) levels and removing any unnecessary light fittings.
  • ‘Harvesting’ natural, ambient light in the office by programming existing intelligent control systems. This means that the lux output of LED lighting is automatically adjusted to achieve optimum, energy efficient lighting levels that are ideal for office work.
  • Replacing end-of-life monitors/screens with more energy efficient units.
  • Switching off any terminals and monitors that are not being used before the office building is locked-up at the end of each day.
  • High levels of staff engagement which is shown by active support in daily activities such as making sure that devices are switched off when not in use, reducing paper and plastic usage, and increasing recycling.

The 25% reduction means that 182 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved. This is equal to planting 351 mature trees (i.e. the number of mature trees that would remove 182 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere).

Jason Buckley, facilities manager for Zurich in the Isle of Man, commented: 'These figures show that our team here in the island are contributing to Zurich Insurance Group’s global sustainability commitments, and the Isle of Man’s net zero targets.

Zurich sustainability statistics
Zurich sustainability statistics (Zurich)

'Everyone within the business can be proud of the significant carbon reductions which have been achieved so far. It’s also a great example of what can be done when there is a concerted effort to take practical steps to make business more sustainable. Taking a moment to celebrate this success will help to inspire us as we set out on the next stage of our local and global journey towards reaching our net zero goals.'

In addition to reducing electricity consumption overall, Zurich on the Isle of Man has also increased the proportion of renewable energy it uses.

That’s due to a major investment in a solar power system which went live in July 2022 and is on track to provide up to 70% of Zurich House’s annual electricity needs.

Zurich in the Isle of Man also provides practical help for employees who want to reduce their own personal carbon footprint. One example is the company’s ‘Sustainability At Home’ scheme (which is run in partnership with Planet First Energy) and offers a range of advice on sustainability including tips on buying solar panels, home insulation and double-glazing.

Zurich offers employees interest-free loans specifically to fund purchases which reduce their carbon footprint (for example, buying an electric car).

Zurich Insurance Group has set a target to achieve net-zero in its operations by 2030 through a 70 per cent absolute reduction in emissions by 2029 (compared to a 2019 base year) and by increasing investment in carbon removal.