Tynwald has backed an interim target to cut carbon emissions by 2035.

The regulations set an interim target of 45% reduction of national greenhouse gas emissions, against a 2018 baseline, by 2035.

As the Chief Minister was not present for the sitting, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Kate Lord-Brennan, presented the motion.

Ms Lord-Brennan said the interim target sets the island clearly on the path to achieving net zero by 2050 and provide a landmark to aim for on the way.

Speaking in Tynwald, she said: ‘There should be no doubt of the government’s commitment to transitioning to net zero, and doing so successfully. But amidst the targets and the legislation, there is a need to get down to specifics. The scale of change needed to meaningfully reduce our emissions is huge.’

Joney Faragher, MHK for Douglas East attempted to amend the target, hoping to instead commit the island to a 2030 deadline.

She highlighted the recent fuel supply issues exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a key example of the need to embrace greener energy.

She said: ‘Even if you don’t agree with the island’s obligations to act, or even if you think we’re too small to make a difference, the economic argument is clear.

‘We have to do this, or lose out and get left behind and leave ourselves at the mercy of increasingly volatile fossil fuel markets – all whilst facing a mounting bill for inevitable adaptation.’

The potential amendment was voted down, with 12 votes for and 19 against.

Following the sitting, Ms Faragher tweeted saying: ‘Afraid my amendment to commit us to 45% reduction by 2030 was voted down in Tynwald just now.

‘To all the people really hoping for this – I’m sorry.’

No members of the Council of Ministers voted in favour of her amendment.

Lawrie Hooper MHK also submitted an amendment, calling instead for the Council of Ministers to bring back another target to Tynwald at the July sitting, with a 2030 deadline.

Mr Hooper’s amendment passed, with 29 votes for and two against.

In reponse to Ms Faragher’s tweet, Mr Hooper said: ‘I firmly believe the debate today will get us the outcome we agree is needed in line with the high ambition route.

‘Even Stu Peters [Middle MHK and climate change sceptic] voted for an immediate 2035 target and new 2030 target in July, so perhaps minds have been changed!’

At the beginning of Tuesday’s sitting, climate change protesters and Extinction Rebellion members were removed from Tynwald court after demonstrating from the public gallery.

The President of Tynwald requested that they sit down to comply with the rules of the court, but they continued to stand and link arms.

Ultimately, they were rejected from the chamber.

The action followed a protest outside the court ahead of the sitting.

The government was accused of ignoring the public’s views, as 51% of people who responded to a consultation supported an emissions reduction of 45% or higher by 2030.