Fire crews attended to an out of control bonfire last week.

The bonfire had been left unattended in the Ballabrooie area on Friday.

Crews from Kirk Michael dealt with the blaze and took to social media to remind anyone considering having a bonfire that the island is ‘still tinder dry’.

The fire service asked people to have some consideration for neighbours as the smoke could affect them.

On Friday, three stations responded to fires on the railwat line in their respective areas.

Douglas crews were called out to deal with a fire at Keristal and Castletown crews headed to Crogga Hill to extinguish another.

On Saturday, Douglas crews also dealt with a two vehicle crash at Ballaquayle Road.

Police and ambulance crews also attended the scene.

A single casualty was removed from one of the vehicles and transferred to hospital for checks.

The road has since been cleared.