A number of readers are concerned about what they describe as ‘drug gang activity’.

They have seen an increase in teenagers on bikes and e-scooters drug dealing in Pulrose.

One reader said: ‘Police are aware and frankly not doing enough to prevent it.

‘What I would like to see is officers on foot walking around the estate in the evening to increase stop and search on pedestrians in the area.

‘This would send out the message to young people that drug crime is serious and there will be consequences.

They added the gang is known locally as ‘the runners’.

Another reader said: ‘I feel the police have failed to do their jobs.

‘There’s links between Pulrose and Willaston drug gang activity and police haven’t carried out any raids.

‘Police have failed to act on any information given even from nine months ago.

‘There are gangs on bicycles in Pulrose and Willaston who go up to cars and exchange money and drugs.

‘The police need to be on foot, walking around, increasing stop and searches on these people, and raid those supplying the drugs which the police are aware of.

‘Police have names of this drug gang and are failing to increase stop and search on pedestrians which you see in the UK, you never see officers on the beat anymore in the Isle of Man which is disappointing and needs to be done.’

A police spokesperson responded to this, saying: ‘The Isle of Man Constabulary listens to the community.

‘It has and will take action as appropriate.

‘We would ask members of the public to continue to pass any information onto us.

‘They can also use the Crime Stoppers number on 0800 555 111.

‘The island is a very safe place and that is due to the good working relationship between the public and the police.’