The government will take regulations on the Domestic abuse Act to Tynwald in its December sitting.

The Act will come into force on January 4 2023.

This means that there will be new legal powers for the police and courts to deal with domestic abuse by removing the abuser from the environment.

The Act is split into five parts, four of which will come into affect on January 4.

Part four of the act, the prohibition of cross-examination in person, is still being developed.

The government has said that this will come into affect ‘by autumn 2023’

The Act will provide a legal basis for the protection and support of people in abusive relationships, by creating specific offences and a definition of domestic abuse in all its forms.

The offences include physical abuse, financial abuse, mental abuse and coercive and controlling behaviour.

The new powers will also give the police and the courts the ability to impose Domestic Abuse Protection Notices and Orders (DAPNs and DAPOs) on abusers.

DAPNs can be issued on the spot by the police if there is an immediate welfare concern, or a DAPO can be granted by the courts to protect victims and survivors of abuse on a longer term basis.

Minister for Justice and Home Affairs, Jane Poole-Wilson, said: ‘For the first time in Manx Law we will have specific legal protections for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

‘We are continuing to develop care pathways and other services that are needed to build a holistic domestic abuse framework.

‘We recognise the importance of bringing into effect the new offences and protections for those who need them most.’

The government has confirmed that public guidance will be published ‘in the coming weeks’.

A working protocol for the new act is currently being developed, which will involve the police and Manx Care.

The protocol will provide services in the island with the guidance to ensure that the victims get the support they require.