A teenager who tried to escape from court has been sentenced to 48 weeks’ custody for a string of offences.

Robyn Sarah Poppy Leadley, of the White Hoe non-secure unit in Kewaigue, admitted 12 offences and will serve her time in a secure unit.

The 17-year-old from Peel admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, four common assaults, three assaults on police officers, two assaults on court dock officers, being drunk and disorderly, and damaging property.


We previously reported how Leadley had to be restrained on the ground as she fled the dock during a Boxing Day court appearance.

On December 26 Leadley was in the dock at Douglas Courthouse when she suddenly ran in an effort to escape.

She was restrained on the floor by two members of security but kicked one of them in the face and bit the hand of the other.

She was handcuffed and taken back to custody.

When interviewed she said she could not remember any assault and that she had only intended to escape.

Earlier offences took place on December 23 at 8.55pm, when police were called to Tynwald Street in Douglas after a report of Leadley being drunk in the street.

She was said to have kicked a care home worker, who was at the scene, on the knee and was warned by police to stop screaming and shouting.

She was said to be smelling of alcohol, slurring her words and unsteady on her feet.

She was believed to then be slipping in and out of consciousness and an ambulance had to be called.

However, the teenager then started shouting and swearing at police again and had to be warned on numerous occasions to calm down.

She was eventually arrested but taken to Noble’s Hospital where she had to be restrained by hospital porters and police.

Leadley was discharged from hospital and taken into police custody wearing leg restraints.

But as officers were removing the restraints Leadley spat on one constable with the spittle landing on her arm.

She then spat on a second officer as they tried to remove the leg restraints.

Another officer intervened and Leadley then spat at her with the spittle landing on her arm as she held it up to protect her face.

Yet more offences had occurred on November 20, when Leadley was at Manannan Court but had asked to leave.


She was denied permission but then began kicking internal doors which resulted in her getting out of a secure area.

Staff tried to restrain her but she stuck out with her fists and legs, fracturing a bone in the wrist of one member of staff and damaging the shoulder of another.

Defence advocate Jane Gray said that her client had suffered from mental health problems which were exacerbated by alcohol abuse.

Ms Gray asked for Leadley’s age, her lack of maturity and mental health, the fact that a number of the offences weren’t pre-meditated and that she was now engaging with care staff, to all be taken into account.

The court heard that Leadley has already served 40 days in custody.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes told the teenager: ’The only person who is not assisting you is yourself.

’All the offences were against people trying to assist you with your difficulties.

’Your offending is getting more and more serious.

’You’re going to be spending more and more time in custody if you don’t do something to address it.’