An annual day of well-being, mindfulness and engaging with mental health in a positive way takes place at the weekend.

The Mindful Mann festival returns to the Children’s Centre at Wallberry farm, near Port Soderick on Saturday, August 14.

Now in its fourth year, the day features a whole day’s worth of courses, workshops and activities featuring a wide range of practices based around holistic therapies, personal development and relaxation.

The day starts at 8.30am and will feature physical classes, such as yoga with local instructor Dee Stockman, from the Space Yoga and Wellness studio and Amy Howse, along with instruction in the ancient Chinese exercise form Qigong, with Yuliya Sasina.

Performance coach and NLP trainer Phil Quirk and physiotherapist Graham Clucas will hold classes, along with a biodynamic breathing workshop held by Rosemary O’Donohue and a course in meditation by Richard Cox.

There will also be workshops held over zoom by authors Steve Taylor, who is a transpersonal psychologist and Charlie Morley.

The Mindful Mann Festival of well being is the brain child of Mike Kewley, an island-based mindfulness and well-being instructor, who believes that the day offers ’an unforgettable experience promoting positive change, community spirit and an inclusive worldview’.

’Mindful Mann is always an opportunity to discover new ways of relating to our minds, bodies and emotions,’ said Mike.

’We’re so lucky to have such a fantastic range of speakers this year offering tools we can implement to make us happier and healthier. ’I believe we need this now more than ever.

’I think Mindful Mann is really relevant at the moment, especially as many of us are looking for ways to manage an increase in stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic,’ he added.

’Luckily the tools do exist and practices like mindfulness and yoga can help us take back a sense of control.’

Tickets for Mindful Mann 2021 are £65, available through