A road through the tree tops?

Saturday 17th October 2020 11:00 am

The roundabout at Governor's Bridge

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The 15-year road map for Onchan includes a plan to construct a new road from Governor’s Road down Victoria Road.

If this proposal, published by the Department of Infrastructure, was to be made a reality, it would require a new road to be built above Summerhill Glen, straddling the Onchan/Douglas border.

The idea forms part of the DoI’s plans to improve the area around Governor’s Bridge roundabout, which it said is on the medium term agenda to be completed in the next two to 10 years.

As the main entry and exit point for Onchan, the roundabout is particularly busy during peak times, which can lead to traffic being backed up into the village and up Governor’s Hill, the recent additional of St Ninian’s Lower School at Bemahague has added to this pressure.

The DoI’s 15-year plan said it would like to ’factor in the potential increase in traffic as outlined in the Area Plan for the East’.

It added: ’The department will undertake a review of traffic flow through Onchan to establish potential solutions to reduce or minimise the traffic issues. Each of the below proposed options will be taken into consideration and reviewed through traffic modelling.’

Plans to improve the roundabout include removing the verge on the approach to the roundabout from the Victoria Road side, to improve access for vehicles turning up Governor’s Hill, while filter lanes for vehicles coming down and following the direction of the TT course will be extended.

The DoI is also considering installing traffic lights at the roundabout for peak times to allow for a better flow of traffic.

Other plans to improve the road network in Onchan include improvements to Kaighin’s Lane, which runs from Birch Hill Park down to the rear of 2nd Onchan Scout hall, this will be resurfaced and could be widened to improve access for cyclists.

The DoI, in conjunction with Onchan Commissioners, would like to see new pedestrian crossings at the bottom of Wybourn Drive, across Governor’s Road and on Hillberry Road, near the entrance to Birch Hill Park.

Also included in the plans is a cycle path to link Douglas and Onchan, which was detailed in the Douglas plan, in last week’s Isle of Man Courier.

In the Onchan plan, cycle paths are also proposed for Blackberry Lane and around the perimeter of Onchan Park.

Improvements are also planned for King Edward Road, a new filter lane on Hillberry Road approaching Signpost Corner, the roundabout at Corkill’s Garage and a new traffic light system for Avondale Road where it enters the main village between the Manx Arms and Coop while Mount View Road could become a one way street.


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