Adopted Irish man traces his links to island

By Daniel Gee   |   Head of Content   |
Sunday 28th January 2018 6:34 am
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Irishman Arthur Fitzharris, pictured with his wife Geraldine, has found a Manx link while searching for his birth parents

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An Irishman’s quest to find his biological parents has led him to the Isle of Man.

Arthur Fitzharris from Bray in County Wicklow has been searching for his birth parents since 2001 and has recently discovered links to the island.

Arthur said: ’When I started to make enquiries I always came up against a brick wall, due to the legislation in Ireland.

’I only managed to get a copy of my birth certificate late last year.

’According to records, which I received from a Freedom of Information request in the Republic of Ireland, I was born in December 1947.

’However, when I obtained a copy of my birth certificate I discovered that my birth had been cancelled by order of the registrar general saying "entry contained fictional information as to parentage" dated May 8, 1952.

’The information on the certificate states that I was born in Dublin on December 12, 1947 and I was given the name Arthur.

’Even though I was born in December 1947, my birth was not registered until the first quarter of 1948. There was a habit in those days of delaying some birth details, for what reason I do not know.’

On his birth certificate, Arthur’s parents are listed as farmers in the island with the surname ’Cain’.

’In 1952, I was admitted to Temple Hill, Blackrock, Dublin, a home for boys. The details, which I have received recently, stated "nun was asked to take this boy by a "Holy Ghost Priest". Boy was adopted or boarded out with people in the Isle of Man.

’He and a little girl were registered under wrong names and an impending court case made it necessary for children to be brought back to Ireland".

’I’ve been endeavouring to find out about my biological parents since my adoptive parents, Robert and Beatrice Fitzharris, died back in 2001. I had a very happy life with them,’ he explained.

Arthur wants to know if he has siblings and whether there are any health issues that he should be aware of, as he has children.

He can be contacted by phoning 00353 86 8060966 or emailing [email protected]


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